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What Our Customers Are Saying

Elder J Archane.jpg

Elder J. Achane

"Fast service and awesome sales team!"

Robyn M Ivery.jpg

Robyn M. Ivery

"Great service, helpful, clean... I’ll be back soon! Thanx again...."

Tania Yousaf.jpg

Tania Yousef

"I am so glad I found this place!! I got exactly what I needed. Prices were great and staff was soo helpful getting me in and out."

Tay Dubb.jpg

Tay Dubb

"Wonderful scrub boutique. We came in the store only to browse, but with such great customer service, we were happy to make a purchase.

This was my first time getting Jockey brand. Im usually a GA kind of girl, but the feel was pretty similar. We’ll definitely be back!"

Miranda Lynette.jpg

Miranda Lynette

"Very friendly. Nice scrub selection will custom order if needed. will definitely be back."

Rhonda Benjamin.jpg

Ronda Benjamin

"Excellent customer service. Christian owners."

Laura Precella.jpg

Laura N. Precella

"Excellent customer service and very nice people! Well organized store. Hours of business are great. These scrubs are high quality and are super comfortable!"

Lauren Breaux.jpg

Lauren Breaux

"Love my scrubs I bought from them. Super comfortable and great quality."

Tyra Brantley.jpg

Tyra Brantley

"Love how comfortable their scrubs are!! Definitely will be buying from them again!"


Sarah Burton

"Great customer service and great people!"

Erica Bravo.jpg

Erica Bravo

"Great friendly staff. Came here for my daughter, now I’m jealous I don’t wear scrubs to work!!!"

Ann Powell.jpg

Ann Powell

"Exceptional customer service and wide selection!"

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